Kibune Matsuri, the Traditional Festival of the Manazuru.


The Sprit of Seamen Praying for Good Catch and Sound Health Kibune Matsuri, the Traditional Festival of the Manazuru.

Every year on July 27th and 28th the sounds of a festival and men’s exuberant shouts echo throughout the town of Manazuru, Kanagawa prefecture.
The Manazuru Kibune Festival, one of the three largest festivals in Japan, has been designated as an important intangible cultural property.

At the festival, a portable shrine is carried across the sea to visit different villages. Kobaya-bune ships, all decorated with brightly-coloured sculptures competing in the splendour of east and west, make their ponderous way over the water, rolling and pitching heavily all the while.

On the land, Kashima dancing is performed by people with three-coloured sashes and uniformed tekko (a covering for the back of the hand and wrist). The hana-dashi, a flower float that is about weighs over 60 kg, proceeds through the towns and leads the line of dancers. Bearers of the float require a considerable degree of physical strength, so pulling the float has traditionally been considered a trial of strength.

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