Run and Bike in Nakanoshima!


Run and Bike in Aqua Metropolis Osaka!
Refresh, Rest and Meet Others: A Recommended Course in Nakanoshima!

The waterfront, where historic buildings of brick and modern architectures with shining glass reflections exist together in a pleasant contrast, reminds you of the Seine River in Paris.

The “Nakanoshima” region, which is a sandbank of the Yodogawa River where it branches out into the Dojimagawa and Tosaborigawa Rivers, was home to many boats that linked the city to Kyoto, Nara, Edo and even Hokkaido in the old days. Today, facilities that represent the history, culture and art of Osaka, including Osaka City Central Public Hall, the Osaka Science Museum, the National Museum of Art, Osaka, the Osaka Prefectural Library and the Nakanoshima Festival Tower, dot the region.

Also, every year from early spring to early summer, approximately 3,700 rose trees of 310 different types bloom in Nakanoshima Park, complementing the retro buildings with a wide array of beautiful colors and fresh scenery.

Ms. Supavita Lee, who came from Thailand and is studying at Osaka University, and Mr. Hiroshi Mizobata, Director General of the Osaka Government Tourism Bureau, kindly offered us their recommended running & cycling courses in Nakanoshima Park.

You may inadvertently stop and be fascinated: The Rose Garden in Nakanoshima Park.

Passing high-rise buildings and running like the wind on the waterfront: Cycling is also refreshing.

A Lion Statue is the landmark of Naniwabashi Bridge, known as “Lion Bridge”.

The Kitahama area also features fashionable cafeterias.

Osaka Castle is a mere 15 minute bicycle ride.

The area in front of Osaka City Central Public Hall is a great spot for commemorative photograph shooting. Models featured here are สุภาวิตา ลีวิวัฒน์วงศ์ Leewiwatwong Supavita, an exchange student from Thailand, and Mr. Hiroshi Mizobata, Director General of the Osaka Government Tourism Bureau.

Rent-a-Cycle Station, HUBchari.

  • Only 700 yen per day: A bicycle rental shop that has seven hubs in the city of Osaka.
  • http://hubchari-english.jimdo.com/
  • hubchari-support@homedoor.org
  • TEL: 070-5436-2892

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