Osaka Sports Tourism: Watch Baseball Games and Get Excited!


Girls Enjoy Baseball!
Bs Princesses ORI vs. CARP Girls
Gorgeous fashion face-off between “Baseball Girls”

In Japan, there are a total of 12 professional baseball teams in the Central and Pacific Leagues. From the start of the regular season in March to the climax series in October, more than 140 heated games take place per a year. The ORIX BUFFALOES, headquartered in Osaka, offers a wide range of service programs not only for enthusiastic fans, but also baseball beginners and women that make it easy and fun to watch games. At one ORIX BUFFALOES game, against Hiroshima Toyo Carp, an event was held in which their female fans played starring roles in “Bs Princesses ORI vs Carp Girls”. While receiving cheers from the teams’ official mascot characters—ORIX’S Buffalo Bull and Buffalo Bell, as well as Carp’s mascot character SLYLY—they were eagerly engaged in various exciting battles, such as a fashion face-off, relay and tug of war.


Kyocera Dome Osaka is the home turf of the ORIX BUFFALOES, and it features 36,154 seats. The design of the dome provides dynamic vantage points and also has a device that allows natural light to come in.

In STAR DINER, a restaurant located in the outfield right stand of the dome, you can watch games leisurely while enjoying buffet style meals.

“Bs Girls” cheer and liven up stadiums before and during a game. This group is a dance & vocal unit whose members were selected from 1,200 candidates nationwide.

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